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art director


Client: PSU Vikings

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Transit

Background: In 2015 the PSU Vikings had their best season in decades, and yet still struggled with filling Providence Park (the same stadium in which the Portland Timbers play). The Vikings seeked to gain a larger, consistent audience of Portland State students, and locals.

Insight: If you want Portland to embrace you, you need to embrace Portland. Our challenge is simple: we’re not Portland enough.


Execution: Victor E. Viking and coach Barnum take the center of this transit campaign. Combining the timelessness of a mascot and the rage of “Barny Ball". The campaign is in two parts. “Victor vs. Barny” depicts ridiculous (and absolutely Portland!) scenarios that allow the audience to engage and determine which one plays "axe toss" at tailgates. “Victor the Legend” shows that Victor has always been a part of Portland culture, from starting Stumptown because he was bored to initiating the Naked Bike Ride. All executions have the new Portland State Football logo and the call to action: 5 Home Games, with the dates. This 12 week campaign ran on Tri-Met bus-sides and MAX-couplers.      


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