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art director


Client: Nike

Role: Designer, Marketing specialist

Platforms: Print, Digital, Consumer Experience 

Background: Nike announced it was transitioning from a product company to a service company in 2016. The Service Ethos, the Training Captains Program, and the Champion program were all developed to strengthen Nike’s quality of service across the board.


Execution: Graphic design supports: the kick-off of the Training Captains Program, the Champion program, as well as training and consumer experience. This is done through logos, digital communication boards, playbooks, email templates, and print communications.  


The Service Ethos reached a 6 month mile-stone (October 2016) in which stickers, buttons, laces and more were created to celebrate the event.  

The Give Nike door clings were created for the World Headquarters (WHQ) holiday shops. The door clings were displayed across WHQ campus. 


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