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art director


3rd Place, 2013 AMA Collegiate Case Competition

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Print, Social, Digital, Guerilla

Background: Donate Life America (DLA) is a non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to motivate Americans to register as eye, tissue, and organ donors. Most college-age students are open to the idea of being a registered organ donor, however only 23% are, because of the widely spread misconceptions about what it means to be an organ donor, and the fact that they feel uninformed on how to become an organ donor.


Execution: To combat the misconceptions among our demographic and to help  better inform collegians, we created a campaign centered around the slogan Live life, Pass it on. The campaign targets college students through social media and campus representatives. Social media will include a mobile app where there is information on organ donation, myths vs. facts, and registration are available. Social media will also include Facebook, twitter, and youtube. The campus rep program will launch at 50 schools with each rep receiving a small stipend per term. Each rep will also receive a starter kit of bookmarks, flyers, stickers, bracelets, chalkboard paint, and chalk.


Campus reps serve as peer communication to our demographic to help breach the information challenge of college students registering. The reps will also promote the app where students can learn even more, and easily register. The chalk supplies are for the creation of a “Wall of Second Chances.” Reps will secure a location for this, and provide chalk for students to write what they would to with a second chance if they hypothetically were given an organ donation. This wall would be seen by a wide population of campus life, and helps to promote brand awareness, and create advocates among college students. There will also be a digital wall of second chances through youtube and the app. The digital wall will have videos of people who received organs, and what they did with their second chance.   


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