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art director


Spec Work

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Print, Social

Background: The new Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention program at PSU needs a name, brand, and a campaign. 


Objective: To create a brand identity for the program and a campaign that promotes consenual sex and active bystanders. 


Insight: We do not have to be heros, to be heros. 

Execution: Our concept, The Sex Ref, and the program, Game Changer, go hand in hand to promote a positive change in the PSU community. The campaign promotes the Game Changer Program, as well as creates a visual language to help those in the community understand what consensual sex looks like. Using a common character, the referee, we created a "rule book" of had signal, what then mean, and when a foul would be called. The Sex Ref can  act as an inner concious for all of us when fielding the game of consensual sex. The campaign exists in magazine, posters, yard signs, and social.   

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