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art director


Spec Work

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Print, Outdoor, Social, Guerilla

Background: Green Zebra is launching a new store on SW Broadway & Mill (PSU campus) in Summer 2016. We must build a community whose values align with Green Zebra’s: health-conscious, convenient, community-oriented, pro-local and approachable.


Insight: The way neighborhood grocery stores used to be, if they sold quinoa and kombucha.


Execution: Our campaign, Farm to City, promotes the launch of Green Zebra through a soft opening during the summer, while students are off campus, as well as their grand opening during the week before school starts. Pre-promotion of the store includes posters, banners, and wall decals. After the store has opened, “Farmer Hank” will travel the school in orientation days passing out seed packs with coupons that will drive students and their families into the store. The grand opening is set to launch at Party in the Plaza, an event where hundreds of freshman and transfer students will be. The day of the grand opening will be an all-campus takeover. We will tactically hang a banner over the sky bridge, and put farm yard signs all over campus. At the event, we will be giving away seed starters, as well as the seed pack with the coupon. They will have to follow Green Zebra on either snapchat or Instagram to get one of these. Throughout the first month of school starting up “Farmer Hank” will post on social media telling students to find him on campus and post a pic using #PSUGreenZebra to be entered to win a $50 gift card. We will also continue to have wall decals around campus, as well as a billboard on 4th and Morrison during the first 2 months of opening.

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