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art director


Spec Work

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Print, Social, Guerilla

Background: With a launch day set on ‘Last Thursday’ in the Alberta arts district of Portland, this millennial wine bar needs a name, logo, and over-all brand, as well as promotional plans for the launch.   


Execution: The concept, photo worthy art, is used throughout the campaign and branding of the wine bar. The campaign is to drive attendance on opening day and beyond, and create a millennial centered experience within the wine bar. In the weeks leading up to the launch sculptures will be placed around the city with simply the word '#KORQ' on them. This will create a sense of mystery and excitement, and also drive our social media following. On opening day we will have photographers walking around Last Thursday taking polaroids of people and giving them out along with a mini poster that include the bar’s location and opening day details. The wine bar itself is full of photo worthy art, from front to back. The front displays a giant wine opener, and a giant KORQ sign, made of corks. In the bar there is a wine wall, a cork wall, and a photo wall where pictures that are posted to social media will be periodically picked and posted within the bar. In the back patio there will be a wine bottle fountain, as well as a plant wall. After the opening day, KROQ will focus its promotion heavily on social media to continue to drive millennial engagement with the brand.          


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