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art director


Spec work

Role:  Art Director & Designer

Platform: Print, digital, TV

Background: Maureen’s Lasagna is a low-fat frozen food meal that is new to the market.


Objective: To launch Maureen's Lasagna (a hypothetical company), targeting the baby boomer generation, with a budget of $500,000.


Insight: Baby boomers don’t want to be reminded that they are old, they instead prefer to feel like they’re young.

Execution: By using a nostalgic feel with a modern twist we aim to remind boomers of growing up in the TV Dinner Era with the convenience of a good home-style meal. Our modern design appeals to this group as it delivers that youthful feeling. The slogan, "A nutritional meal with a homestyle feel" conveys the low-fat nutrition that consumers will get from the product. They have worked hard and provided for their family; now it’s their turn to sit back, and let Maureen’s Lasagna provide for them. The print ad you see here is budgeted at $140,000 for full page runs in Martha Stewart and HomeStyle. The budget also includes website development, email newsletters, and TV spots.

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