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Munch Mouth

Client: Munch Mouth

Role: Designer, Brand Strategist

Background: Munch Mouth is a startup company that just had what every great company starts with: a unique idea. It's founder, a working mom, was struggling to get her toddler to eat healthy balanced meals for lunch. She had little to no time to prepare lunches 5 days a week, and was dissatisfied with the quality of the lunches served are her daughter's daycare. So came the big idea. What if there was a meal delivery service for school-age children that was not only nutritious, but also fun? So Munch Mouth was born. 


Execution: Munch Mouth needed a complete brand identity. I worked closely with the founder to create a logo, color palette, and select fonts the conveyed a brand that was healthy and fun. I also did market research and provided a recommended price point for the meal service a well as the best time of year to launch, and when to spend the most advertising money, and where.



art director

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