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art director


Company: Victoria's Secret PINK

Role: Social Media Coordinator, Designer

Platforms: Print, Social

Background: Camps Reps represent and promote the PINK brand on campus through events, social media, and giveaways. In Fall 2014 my co-rep and I were tasked with launching the Campus Rep program at PSU. 


Execution: The PSU campus rep program launched on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our first big event was Party in the Plaza, which most of the freshman who lived on campus attended. Our strategy was to have levels of prizes that girls could take home, depending on how many of our social media outlets they followed. This initial event was a huge success as it gave us the following we needed to further promote products, sales and events on social media, as well as host social based competitions. Throughout my time as a rep I helped to build our following to 2,000 people, and host events that had over 100 attendees. Our biggest successes were the VS Fashion Show Viewing Party, which was at Buffalo Wild Wings and had 113 attendees, and our Snapchat drops which had girls running to win the prizes within seconds of us posting our location.       


Grew social following

from 0-2,000

Fashion Show viewing

Party with 113 attendees

Over 300 Snapchat

Story views

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