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Client: Sunshine Dairy Foods

Role: Art Director

Platforms: Print, Social, Radio

Background: Sunshine has been quietly working for over 80 years to make great products that the best chefs and baristas in Portland prefer. The brands reputation is wildly renowned and endorsed by its business clientele.

Objective: To market sunshine products to the Millennial consumer market.


Insight: Sunshine is bigger than just a product or a service. Sunshine Dairy is literally its own community.

Execution: Sunshine's brand is personified through Sadie The Lady Milkman. Sadie is the brand voice and is here to share just how amazing Sunshine Dairy is, and to launch any new product lines. Sadie launched mid june in Portand monthly (top right), and appears throughout social media, print and radio for a 5 month campaign.  



increase in Facebook followers, after a long-time stagnant following.


recorded case of a Grandma hunting down Sunshine creamer, her millennial grandson's favorite.


increase in average Instagram post likes.

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