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art director


Spec Work

Role: Art Director, Designer

Platforms: Package Design, Digital

Background: After the first launch in 2005, Hershey’s Take 5 became popular among candy bar lovers for its unique combination. However, Take 5 sales declined after three years, and the product started losing market shares to competitors.


Objective: To develop a marketing plan to re-launch Take 5, including, distribution, and integrated marketing communications for the 2014 AMA Case Competiton.


Insight: Take 5 has that trendy combination of sweet and salty that everyone loves, but everyone is already loyal to another candy bar, and Take 5 just blends into the candy bar display, unnoticed.  


Execution: The rebrand will position Take 5 as the go-to snack for a study break. Targeting high school and college students, the new slogan “Take 5, it’s your time,” tells hard working students that they deserve a mental break. Take 5 will command that mental break time not only through positioning of the candy bar, but also through the new Take 5 App that will allow consumers to “Take 5 to find yourself.” The new black and gold packaging is eye catching, unique, and makes Take 5 stand out from it’s main competitor, Kit Kat. The packaging will include a code that allows access to the mobile app for 5 minutes, hence “Take 5.” Once the code is entered, consumers will see options after the line “Take 5 to find your…” Once a topic is selected, the user will have 5 minutes to catch up on new updates in the individual topic. All content is user generated and users will be able to like, comment, and share content across platforms, but will always direct people back to Take 5. To promote user generated content weekly and monthly contests will be held where users will receive prizes such as coupons, and apparel. The take 5 relaunch will be promoted through Social media, Pandora radio, TV, cinema, and billboards.


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