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art director

vitaminwater Campaign

Honorable Mention, 2015 AMA Collegiate Case Competition 

Background: vitaminwater is the leader in the enhanced water beverage category, however increasing competition and shifting consumer preference poses a threat. Our target market drinks non-alcoholic drinks for energy, hydration, and reduced-calories, however vitaminwater has not been their drink of choice since 2010.


Execution: Our three part plan includes a mobile app, 6,000 vending machines, and 100 campus representatives. The app will mainly center on 2006-2010 pop culture trivia contests, reminding them of a time when vitaminwater was their choice beverage. The app will be competitive between users across the nation and winners will score points that will give them codes for free vitaminwater from a vending machine. The app will also show users where the closest vending machine is to them, who is at the top of the score board, how many points they have, and how many users are on the app at the same time as them. They will also be able to create a profile and provide information such as enrollment in college. Based on this information the app will send push notifications suggesting drinks by name like “focus” or “energy” to help them get through the week.

The vending machines will be at 50 colleges and cities nation-wide. 20 per campus, and 100 per city. A large advantage of these vending machines is that they will be bold, new, and innovative, as vitaminwater has been in the past. They will draw attention to vitaminwater and encourage users to download the mobile application. The campus representative program will serve as peer influence to promote the brand, and the newly launched mobile app, and the new vending machines on campus.  

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